Famille Katarina Jenickova                or Famille Katarina Jenickova

…by tourist train…

…in a vintage car…

or just on foot?

I was born in Prague and I would love to share its secrets with you.

Walk around Prague with me, and above all…

…don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes – a must for all your journeys!

Give it a try! I know, it’s not easy – walking, looking in front of you… around you… looking up…


and at the same time listening to the fascinating stories I’ll tell you about events that took

place on Prague streets and lanes, over the centuries…


Yours to choose!


Visit Prague Castle and stroll in its Baroque gardens

Share the secrets of the Old Town

Discover Prague and the Golem while visiting the Jewish ghetto

Wander through the New World District and visit Our Lady of Loretto and the Strahov convent


You will be rewarded by the discovery of Baroque facades and medieval shop signs.


And if you feel peckish after your walk, I’ll share my favourite addresses with you!

There you’ll enjoy good food, just as my grandmother used to cook.


Katarina is an official guide and you can visit Prague Castle and the Old Town in her company.


Rates (1 or 2 people):

half-day (4 hrs) CZK 1.800,-            Full day (8 hrs) CZK 3.000,-